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Susan Fowler

Hello there! I just found your blog yesterday!

Enjoyed the post, but I absolutely HAVE to know which one you are in the pics!

Charles and Amy Turon

Well, well, well!! You have kept these pics a secret for a very long time. We are sure getting a kick out of seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

suzi o

Mike - you are still a rock star at heart! Don't forget, we've gotta get the band together......

Dwight Gilbert

Hi Mike........Dwight Gilbert here, do you remember me? just got your FB link from Bob Bouchard. interesting lifetime story. Bob and I are a contact daily and I've been to his house in Missouri a few times. I'm still in Clearwater, in '85 I became a quadripligic from a car accident. But the sun still comes up everyday!
YOU CAN BE A CHRISTIAN ROCKER. There are some very good bands.

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